TipNTap (Payment Gateway)


Product Description

Latest payment app for Bank to Bank Transfer, Mobile Recharge, Money Transfer, Bill payment, Movie / Train / Bus Ticket & Flight Booking. Simply send/receive money, use QR Code Scanner to scan all types of QR etc.

About US

How disconcerting is it to not be able to tip the valet, the bellhop or wait staff due to a lack of cash. How about an easy seamless and efficient way to pay with just the snap of a camera? Business owners would you like offer more options for collecting payments without the back end red tape. If any of these scenarios rings true to you then welcome to TipnTap. We at TipnTap believe that people whetheryou’re a consumer or business want more freedom and convenience in the transferring of funds. Whether it be for tips, payments or giving a love one a gift of cash. To accomplish this, we have utilized a contemporary technology that allows you to maintain your anonymity while securely transferring money to account for life’s needs and wants. This is as seamless as passing money from hand to hand without having to pass money hand to hand. We see the mobile handling of money as the way of the future. The challenges are how to decrease complexity, maintain safety and security without giving away your identity in the process. I think we have accomplished that. So, download our app and take back control.