HLS Driver

Android, IOS


Product Description

User Flow

User Registration :           

1). Social media (facebook/Google +)

2). Email / username / phone (Verification / OTP required)

3). Password, add photo, payment type (cash)

4). Choose the option (driver / passenger)


1). Enter Username/Email and password

User Interface and Map :

1). User dashboard and google maps

2). Available car types

Current location from App:     

1). Application will select the location through GPS enable

User defined position:           

1). User can select the desired position as pick up.

Select vehicle:                

1). Vehicle can be selected as per user requirements

2). Charges will vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Get estimate of ride:          

1). User can view the ride charges i.e by clicking on estimate user will get a dialog box that will contain ride charges info.

2). User can view estimate by clicking on Get Estimate Button and another page will appear having all info regarding distance, car detail and charges.

Contact driver after booking:   

1). After selecting the driver user will get a message that will contain driver information.

2). Apart from that user can have all information regarding driver and car booked.

Set destination:       

1). User will have to enter the desired destination at time of booking.

2). User can also change destination after arrival of driver.

Track driver:          

1). Driver can be tracked after being selected by user.

2). User can have time approximation of driver arrival.

3). Can choose to chat with driver or go to map.

Confirmation Details

Confirmation message:      

1). App will ask you the current location (i.e Are you in Car?)

2). If yes, App will notify user with estimated destination time.

Destination Reached:     

1). User can extend the drive or stop the drive.

2). When stop, user will get the distance traveled and fare amount on screen.

Payment and Feedback:       

1). Payment will be given through cash.

2). User can enter the feedback as per travelling experience.

Driver rating:            

1). Rating is given based on user experience.

2). User can also view the trip(car info, driver info, charges, source and destination info).

User Menu:           

1). Basic info i.e photo and Name of user,Home, Payment, Notification, Setting(change password, emergency contacts), Customer Support (Data Call or whatsapp call), Refer Friend (win free ride), Logout.

Driver Flow

Driver Registration : 

1). Social media (facebook/Google +)

2). Email / username / phone (Verificatioin / OTP required)

3). Password, add photo, payment type (cash)

4). Choose the option (driver / passanger)

 Sign Up:             

 1). First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Password.

 2). Verify OTP through Phone.


1). Enter Username/Email and password

Select Vehicle:              

1). Select from vehicle list.

Upload Documents:

1). Driver license, vehicle documents, vehicle insurance, vehicle permit, vehicle registration.

2). Upload residential proof and other document.

Home Screen:                   

1). Offline

2). Online (Requires OTP to go online, if rejected reenter the verify code)

Online Screen:                   

1). Pickup Request (Time, fare, lcoation, )

Sidebar Menu:                   

1). Home, Notification, Driver Support, Setting, Dashboard, Earning (Today/Weekly-Amount earned, time consumed, trip taken i.e list view) refer friend (invite link shared via whatsapp, facebook, text etc), Logout.

Accept/reject request:           

1). After being requested by user diver can either accept/reject the ride for that user.

2). If accepted driver will have to move towards selected location.

Location of customer:          

1). After request is accepted driver will know the location of user.

2). Driver can create the location through GPS.

 Start Trip:                   

1). After reaching the user, start trip (OTP verification).

2). Destination, complete the trip and generate the fare.

Customer experience:           

1). Driver can add the user experience on that ride.

Surge Indicator:              

1). Provides the detail about the heavy demand of taxi in that area.

2). Charges are high due to high demand.

Receive payment and feedback:  

1). After reaching on destination user will pay for the ride.

2). Driver will enter the ride feedback.

Update ride info:               

1). When current ride is being finished, driver need to update the current ride.

Customer rating:               

1). Driver will rate the customer according to ride interaction and behaviour of customer.

Admin Flow


1). Admin panel will have integrated dashboard to display required info.

Manage driver and Customer:                

1). Admin have rights to manage the customer and driver.

2). Features will be available to both the user and customer as per the requirements of driver and customer.

Ride booked by driver and customer:        

1). Rides booked by user can be seen by admin.

2). Rides being completed by driver can be viewed.

Manage driver through GPS system:            

1). Admin have the capability to manage the driver location and routes taken through GPS.

Provide backup in case of failure:        

1). Admin will be responsible to manage the data and security of app.

2). Backup will be provided in case of error or crash being encountered.

Flags for driver area i.e boundary division:

1). Flags will be set for driver so that driver will be available in partiular area assigned.

2). This will help the admin to manage the driver if he moves out of station.

3). Admin will get a notification if driver moves out of bounded area.

Overall history:                            

1). History need to be maintained in case of an emergency, admin need to keep track of history regarding user and driver.

All data will be accessible:                

1). An admin will have rights to access the data of driver and customer regarding drives bieng booked.

Manage transaction:                        

1). Transaction need to be managed through fare generation screen after ride is over.

2). A secure receipt need to be generated when destination is reached.

Add/remove vehicle:                           

1). App admin will have rights to add or remove driver as per performance and status of quality service.

Valid driver info with vehicle:

1). Fraud driver should be avoided with verified driver and vehicle registration.

 2). Vehicle and driver document must be up to date i.e. driver license, car registration and pollution etc document.

Manage document of driver and car:             

1). Document of driver and car must be valid and registered on site.