A2B (largest taxi firm in Birmingham)

A2B (largest taxi firm in Birmingham)

A2B (largest taxi firm in Birmingham)

TecOrb Technologies
iOS 6+

Product Description

Main 4 Panel/Parts for application:
1). Passenger App.
2). Driver App.
3). Backend APIs
4). Backend Admin To Manage process.

Passenger App:
1). Register: For using the application, passengers can directly register from their mobile app.
2). Register Card: For the feature of auto payment, registration of cards can be done by the passengers directly from the app. For the processing of payment, Stripe is used and Appy Pie ensures that the app is PCI compliant.
3). Track Drivers: The application offers you the advantage of tracking the availability of drivers and set location of pickup after logging in.
4). Pickup Location: Passengers can set their location by setting the destination on the map or through Google Places.
5). Select Cab Type: Type of taxi can also be selected as well as explored various other details such as price per km, price charged per minute and minimum fare for each kind of cab
“6).Fare Calculator: In this, the fare to reach a certain place is determined by calculating the distance between the pick-up and destination point using google API’s.

7). Live Tracking: As the cab is booked, the passenger can update the cab live on their app from the initial stage itself, such as the starting of the cab, arrival of the cab, starting and ending of the journey.
8). Automatic Payment: After the completion of journey, payment for the cab gets deducted because of the usage of Stripe API’s. The invoice is later sent to the phone of the passenger and to the registered Email ID as well.
9). Review and Rating: As we are open for the passenger’s feedback, hence they can rate the driver and write textual review about their experience with Uber clone.
10). Add Payment: For making the payment, passengers can add multiple number of cards.
11). Booking History: The booking history of passenger can be tracked with the help of this app.

Driver App:
1). Register: Drivers get the platform to register directly from their mobile app, but it gets approved and live only once the admin approves their profile.

2). Booking: The Driver is provided with 15 seconds to approve or disapprove on any new booking requests. They are shown the PICKUP point along with distance from present location and also the travel distance between the point of pickup and drop.

3). Status: The Driver is allowed to update the passenger when he/she has accepted or rejected the booking, reached at the pickup point, and dropped the passenger.
4). Booking History: The driver has the access of tracking the booking history and check the status of each that includes cancelled bookings.


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