Taxi 24*7

Rishabh Dubey
Android 4.0 and up , iPhone all version
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Taxi 24 | 7

Developing Taxi is biggest task for many since it may not be available on time. There are several disadvantages of hiring taxi offline. Firstly, we may not know when the taxi will arrive. Secondly, the fare will depend on the driver. Last, let suppose we are in unknown places, then we might not know the distance and right fare.

People are wishing to hire taxi at their comfort at anytime from anywhere. Taxi application reduces the stress of people to hire a taxi. User can book a taxi by just clicking few options on mobile phone. Fare is automatically estimated through smart calculation with pick up and drop information which reduces manual and removes the doubt of irregular charges while hiring taxi in unknown places.

Taxi booking mobile application has lots of scope in the market since it meets the day-to-day need where transportation plays a major role. With smartphones in the hand, user can simply click on few options and book or cancel taxi. The number of users of Taxi application is increasing consistently leading to development of multiple apps for Taxi hiring application across the Globe.