Eatwedo (Table Booking Application)

Eatwedo (Table Booking Application)

Eatwedo (Table Booking Application)

An online platform which helps the customers to locate and reserve tables at their favorite restaurants along with promotions, offers and discounts on time based functionality. Select date, time and number of person to proceed towards booking.

About eatwedo

• What is eatwedo? “eatwedo” is an online service which helps customers locate and reserve tables at their favorite restaurants along with promotions, offers and discounts. Currently, we are only covering reservation s for restaurants located in Kuwait, but our vision is to start this service from Kuwait and move to other countries.

• How to make a reservation using eatwedo? Customers can make and manage reservation s through our website at or by using our iOS/Android mobile versions.

1. Find your preferred restaurant;

2. Select Date, Time, and number of people;

3. Put in your personal reservation details;

4. We will send you a confirmation via email and SMS;

5. See you at the restaurant.

Businesses owners have a separate business version application to manage their bookings directly.

• What makes eatwedo especial? We have carefully designed our system to bring benefits to both customers and businesses.

Benefits for Customers Benefit for Businesses

✓ Free of Charges!

✓ More Customers

✓ Easy to find restaurants

✓ Advertising and Promotions

✓ Save time and NO more Queues

✓ Promote slack hours

✓ Run Online offers and promotions

✓ Manage Online booking

✓ Enjoy Discounts and Offers

✓ Always get points that can be redeemed later

✓ Easy Compare Time and offers

✓ Check Reviews before you go

✓ No fees or payments required

• Can I make a reservation for more than 10 people? Yes, simply contact the support team at   and will be glad to help you.

• Can I make a reservation for someone else? Yes, you can. However, we recommend everyone to have his own account to increase his chance of getting rewards and prizes and prevent penalties in case of no showing.

• Can I edit/Cancel my reservation after confirming? Yes, you can cancel your reservation any time before the actual reservation time by using the link provided inside the confirmation email, or directly from your account if you are a member. In case of no showing without cancelation we might suspend your account because restaurants already reserved a table for you and we do not want our reservation to affect their business. Cancelation is very simple, please consider cancel your reservation before time in case you are sure you are not attending.

• Do I need to print the reservation? No, restaurants do not require a printed copy. You can simply tell them that you have made a reservation via eatwedo and give them your name.

• Can I arrive early/late for my reservation? Your reservation will be guaranteed within 15 minutes before or beyond the actual reservation time. It depends on restaurants if they would like to accept your reservation in case you come too late or early based on availability.

• How can I get my rewards and prizes? Don’t worry, we will not leave you alone. Our team will contact you via email. eatwedo members can check rewards and prizes directly from their account.

• Can I make a reservation without having an account? Yes, you can. However, we encourage customers to create accounts in order enjoy the reservation rewards. We are updating our system constantly; new features will be added soon! If you need any helps please contact us on