On Demand product selling (Location based Advertisement)

User :
1). User register on application.
2). Can see near by agents and quickest time to get the product or can search any agent with —- Agent ID.
3). Request, the product add number of product needed,
4). Get’s product invoice.
5). Pay for the product.
6). Nearest Agent’s get an notification and move to customer location and the customer can track the process. User can change location also.
7). Customer get’s the product than rate the product and agent
8). Than, user can manage there account on products with past booking and can re-book the product again.

Agent :
1). The agent can check current location.
2). Get notification / jobs (future jobs too) / Tasks
3). Manage There Inventory (like i have this much product in morning and right now i am left with this much)
4). Can get shortest distance from map view, directly from application (by just one click).
5). Can Call a customer, directly from application in any case of an issue with location or any point , etc
6). After dilevering product to customer, Agent can ask customer to electronic sign on mobile screen as Super Admin can verify validity of customer and there trust.
7). Can mark there not working time with just a toggle button. (Not working time can be: Lunch Time, Night).
8). Mark issues in one product.
9). Check Inventory.

Admin panel :
1). Super Admin can manage there inventory from their web Application panel directly.
2). Can check sales / earning over all, Average, or by agent wise
3). Can send bulk or single notification to any or all Agents.
4). Can send bulk notification to all customer. (regarding any new product added or new feature).so customer can directly buy that new product, etc
5). Manage sales by yearly,, monthly, weekly, daily directly on Charts and tables
6). Can add or suspend any agents directly from his admin panel.
7). Can Track one or all agent live on Map.
8). Admin can handle one or multiple products inventor system from application.
9). Customer -> rating and Reviews, etc
10). Can check User details.
11). Track Delivery.

Booking Process :
1). User Register Application and verify there the mobile number with OTP (SMS gateway).
2). Check product profile.
3). Add number of product required and submit.
4). Add Address where product would be received.
5). User can check Agents on Map OR can search any perticular Agent with Agent ID.
6). User can check complete invoice with pricing, product details, Address, etc
7). Submit’s and page is trasfered to Payment gateway section where user pay with saved or new Credit/Debit card.
8). After Agent give product to customer, customer can Rate product and delivery.
9). User can maintain there Past Orders and can rebuy from there orders section.

Static Pages :
1). Rate Us
2). About Us
3). Term & Conditions

Other Pages :
1). Notifications
2). Order dashboard
3). Booking Section
4). Review and Rating
5). Menu Items

  • Mobile App : iOS(Xcode and Swift), Android(Android Studio and Java/Kotlin).
  • Server : Cloud (AWS or Atlantic Or Any).
  • Backend Languages : Ruby on Rails / PHP / Java / Node