Food delivery – Food booking – ondemand service

Basic Layout For Food Delivery Application (On Demand Service)

  • Home page: Categories, Features, Recommend, Search, Cart, Menu etc.
  • Filter: Filter or sort through selection by special categories, price, rating, keywords.
  • Wishlist/Favorite: Add Food, to your Wishlist list, which can be searched and ordered at any time.
  • Cart: User can add Food to their cart through which they can checkout (Payment can be offline Or Online).
  • Tracking: Track preferred items, and favorite them for later.
  • Re-order: Past orders, for those times user wants to recreate that great cocktail.
  • Basic Dynamic/Static Pages (About Us/Contact Us, FAQ).
  • Order history and Rating/Reviews
  • Price: Item has the price displayed on it for easy order placing.
  • Discounts Management.
Food delivery - Food booking - ondemand services

Food delivery – Food booking – ondemand services

User Registration

  • User can register through social media or by using the email id/phone number (OTP) verification (On time of Order or adding a favorite order).

User Interface (Home)

  • Home screen will have available Food Item’s info with images.
  • Menu bar, Notification bar and Cart will be displayed.

Select Item (Categories)

  • Consumer should be able to browse all menu food items (Category wise)
  • User can buy now or add the item to cart (buy later).


  • User can add Numbers of Items in a Orders (Single Or Multiple Product).
  • User has the option to customize the food while placing the Order (ingredients).
  • User can select the desert at time of final order placing i.e. item not chosen before (sweet dish).

Sorting and Filter

  • On basis of price, categories, keywords etc.

Price / Special offer

  • Every food item has price tag over it for easy billing/selecting food or special offer on item.

Order repeat

  • Repeat previous order.


  • User can keep track of purchase history by day, week or month.


  • Login is required before adding a favorite item, OR before payment.
  • Select the item need to be purchased from list.
  • Recheck the booked item and proceed to payment.
  • Select the payment method.
  • Get an invoice online and wait for item to be delivered.
  • Track delivery guy (map/In-App Status).
  • Rate the item based on review and user experience.

Delivery Guy

  • Admin should be able to track and manage delivery force team. (It can be part of Admin App.)
  • A consumer can track the order position on Google map OR progress points wise.
    (Can get Current location)
  • Delivery guy(Driver) can also see the location of consumer and use Google map for delivery
  • Can make profile active or de-active (Active means I am working) just with toggle Button.
  • Can check notification and task.
  • Can check about payment (online Or cash).
  • Can ask to touch sign Or fill OTP generated by application on mobile for verification of user who have asked for service.
  • Can Track history and Rate user.
  • Can tag location with user details so, at backend these data can match with Location – User – orders and be used for analysis.
Food delivery Food booking ondemand service

Food on demand

Admin panel (Web)

  • Full dashboard view to manage the Earning, Deliveries, Order Notification, Order History, rating/review etc.
  • Admin have rights to manage the customer and item- Quantity and Price
  • Contains info about the item being uploaded(images, price, quantity etc.)
  • An application contains the data and relevant info category wise.
  • Helpful for the user to choose from the required category.
  • When the user will select the item, application will have item notification from selected user option
  • Admin needs to manage the customized item placing i.e. keep the ingredients according to user’s choice
  • Every food item has a price tag over it for easy billing and selecting food.
  • The user can select the desert at the time of final order placing i.e. item not chosen before(Admin can update those options).
  • Admin can add Discounts on any Food in real time.
  • Admin can send bulk notifications to users for Limited Period Discounts(Like Weekends).

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