Location based Saloon finder and booking application

Location based Saloon finder and booking application

Mobile Application: iOS and Android:

  • Users (Client),
  • Saloon Manager.

Web Panels:

  • Admin,
  • Users (Client),
  • Saloon Manager.

Extra features:

  • SMS with OTP on verifying phone number accounts OR Option in forget password.
  • Browse trending styles.
  • Compare prices in salons and spas in your area
  • Enjoy cashback with appointment and Referrals.
  • Advertise (Location based, Screen space(On Slider, Footer, full page, etc) Or Admob, StartApp)


  • Bulk Notification on Policy changes or in Advertising.
  • Single Notification to User and Saloon on booking process (confirm, cancelled, or updated).

Payment Gateways:

  • PayPal Merchant
  • Stripe connects
  • Brain Tree

These would be best options to use as Admin can cut there’s percentage directly and transfer remaining amount to Saloon Manager.


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User Panel:

  1. Tutorial: Features of application / How to use it.
  2. Users can sign up via Name, Mobile Number, Mail ID, Facebook or Google+ etc
  3. Application Permissions:
  • GPS: To capture Location, Show Saloons on map, Get shortest distance, etc
  • Get Phone Contacts: For invitation / Sharing Application Link, Share Encrypted Referral code.
  1. Once login, The app will automatically capture the user’s location and then they will able to see the nearest to farthest Saloons to book there services.
  2. The users will able to see the Saloon Name, Service name, prices per services, description, location, Discounts, Images etc.
  3. The users can search/filter the particular products by rates, services name, Saloon name, Location etc.
  4. The users can follow/unfollow the particular Saloon to get the best offers and services on a real-time.
  5. The users will get a notification when a services is added by Saloon whom user have followed.
  6. The users can book Services of saloon (with date and time) and availability.
  7. Once user arrived the location, Saloon manager should get notification for starting.
  8. The user can Rate and Review to Saloon.
  9. The user can cancel the appointment with checking Terms & Policies.
  10. The users can check booking history like upcoming, Completed and Cancelled booking sorted with date.

Saloon Panel:

  1. The Saloon can Sign up (Admin Have to Make saloon Active) via Name, Mobile Number, Mail ID, Facebook or Google+ etc. (if Social login than also there should be Phone number verification–OTP).
  2. The Saloon would have to provide Saloon Name, Prices per services, description, location, Discounts, Images, Availability, opening and closing time, etc.
  3. The Saloon can send a notification to their follower about new Services added, discounts etc.
  4. Saloon Manager can Add Time and date based Discounts.
  5. The Saloon can accept Or reject any booking from there panel.
  6. On Reject they have to add a prewritten text like “Full Booked” Or “Not Available Today”, etc.
  7. Booking history (Upcoming, completed and Cancelled).
  8. Can check rating and reviews(can message back on review) given by users.
  9. Get Email and Notification on new Booking.
  10. The Saloon can check total Booking per week, Month, Year from their mobile application.
  11. The Saloon can check total Earning per week, Month, Year from their mobile application.
  12. Multiple branches for One saloon franchise (Manager can add new branches with different Image, Description, Address, prices, In and Out time, etc).

Admin Panel:

  1. The admin can manage the users and Saloon Details/Review Or any data.
  2. The admin can Make Active/De-active/Reject/delete Users and Saloon anytime.
  3. The admin can accept Orreject any booking from there panel like seller (for this admin have to contact seller manually).
  4. The admin can check total Earning/Booking per Saloon week, Month, Year.

Booking Process:

1). Saloon Manager have options where they can add discount on specific days and time.
06:00 – 07:00 -> 20% Discount
07:00 – 08:00 -> 30% Discount
08:00 – 09:00 -> 50% Discount
2). User on booking service can check Service and book with choosing date, time, and availability with discounts.
3). After booking confirmation user get’s a notification with confirmation of booking.
4). User get’s a reminder notification when it’s time to go to saloon.
5). When user arrived at location then should get another notification for starting.
6). The user can rate and Add review to Saloon. And booking Cycle completes

Client: iOS and Android (All mobile applications would be Native)
Saloon: Web, iOS and Android
Admin: Web Panel (Twitter Bootstrap, Angular, etc)
APIs   : Ruby On Rails/PHP/NodeJs/JAVAdatabase as MySQL/MongoDB/PostgreSQL as DB


Static Pages

  • Rate Us
  • About Us
  • Term & Conditions

Other Pages

  • Notifications
  • Order dashboard
  • Booking Section
  • Review and Rating
  • Menu Items




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