Install and Use Redis Server

Install and Use Redis Server

Sort Introduction

Redis is an extremely fast, atomic key-value store. It allows the storage of strings, sets, sorted sets, lists and hashes. Redis keeps all the data in RAM, much like Memcached but unlike Memcached, Redis periodically writes to disk, giving it persistence. It is quite useful as both a cache store and as a full-fledged, NoSQL data store.

This blog describes getting Redis working on your rails application.

Initial setup

  1. Start off by updating all of the apt-get packages:
    $ sudo apt-get update
  2. Now Download a compiler with build essential which will help us install Redis from source:
    $ sudo apt-get install build-essential
  3. Now in the last we need to download tcl:
    $ sudo apt-get install tcl8.5

Redis Installation

Thats all… Finish Now try to run the redis server into your machine

$ redis-server

Stop redis server running in background :

  • $ killall redis-server


  • sidekiqctl