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Equipment catalog and Management Web Application

Documentation: Major Modules: Website   Modules: Registration (This will Open when user wants to add a favorite product) Sub Modules: Social Media / Email / Phone number Description: User can register through social media or […]

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SMO (Social Media optimization)

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the way to fetch traffics on websites from Social Media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. Now a day’s SEO (Search Engine optimization) and SMO (Social Media optimization) become more […]

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MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Part- 1

Over the past few years, minimum viable product (MVP) have begun to evolve What is MVP? Minimum Viable Product is development technique where fresh product or a website is being launched along with minimum resources […]

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Few steps for choosing Enterprise Mobile and Web Application Development Company

Today, the business communication is generally or mostly depends on Mobile. Certainly, Smartphone chases and proliferates the market. Therefore, adoption of Mobile in most of the enterprises, as well as tending, travel, finance and game […]

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