SINR – Our Sins

iPhone, Android, Backend-RoR

iPhone & Android with Ruby on Rails Back-end APIs

Product Description

There should be, four Panels:
a). Admin,
b). Visitor (user with out registration).
c). Registered User.
d). Business.

User(Visitor/Registered User): Person who is using application or website.

a). For adding Comments, Reviews and favorites user have to register and he should be login.
b). Add photo/videos (user can add photos on reviews when login)
c). Can claim listing that is in Web-View. (it’s like redeem, your profile). and it’s a process where business can call support and by verifying that business Admin share username and password on there email id.(password they can change afterward).
from there they can edit there profile.
d). Ask Questions, -> User can ask question to support or Business ?
e). User with seek-bar where,  user can choose the distance (examples 5, 7, 10 miles ). Default for businesses is within 5 miles.
f). Microblogging where user can comment and suggestion on blogs.

Business :

a). All categories as Escorts, Massage clubs, Strip clubs, etc.
b). User can check and Add reviews on profile page of businesses where business can also comment on review.
c). Advertising Business: ( * Advertising should be location based).
d). Claim or Redeem, business. Claim should only work on Web-view.

Admin :
a). Can Send Bulk Notification, to business, Users etc.
b). Can Suspend any business, and edit content base.

Other Features ;
a). Location Sorting through nearby places on Web-View.
b). Added an option for knowing Laws per countries on account section.
c). Data have been scraped, from 17 different data websites (and that is updated every 3 months).
d). (SAAS app.) Advertising Business: ( * Advertising should be location based), advertisements on Homepages and List view page (as Recommended and Featured).
e). Charge 10% plus 2% stripe processing fee. and 9.99 to list business.


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