AndroidManifest.xml file in android

AndroidManifest.xml file in android

The AndroidManifest.xml report incorporates information of your package deal, together with activities, services, broadcast receivers, content providers etc.

It performs a few different obligations also:

  • it’s miles accountable to defend the classes to get right of entry to any included parts by providing the permissions.
  • It additionally declares the android API that the utility goes to use.
  • It lists the instrumentation classes. The instrumentation classes provides profiling and other information. those information are removed simply earlier than the application is published and so forth.

this is the desired xml record for all of the android software and positioned within the root directory.


A simple AndroidManifest.xml document seems like this:




Elements of the AndroidManifest.xml file

The factors used within the above xml report are defined below.


manifest is the root element of the AndroidManifest.xml record. It has bundle characteristic that describes the package deal name of the activity class.


application is the subelement of the manifest. It consists of the namespace declaration. This detail contains numerous subelements that pronounces the application component inclusive of activity and many others.

The normally used attributes are of this detail are icon, label, topic and so on.

android: icon represents the icon for all of the android application components.

android: label works as the default label for all of the application components.

android: subject matter represents a commonplace theme for all of the android activities.


Activity is the subelement of application and represents an activity that need to be described in the AndroidManifest.xml file. It has many attributes along with label, name, subject matter, launchMode and many others.

android: label represents a label i.e. displayed at the display screen.

android: call represents a call for the activity class. it is required attribute.


intent-filter is the sub-detail of activity that describes the type of intent to which activity, provider or broadcast receiver can reply to.


It provides is the sub-element of activity t. The intent-filter has at the least one action element.


It provides a class call to a purpose-filter filter

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