Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Updates

About Google Algorithm

Each year, Google changes its search rule around 500–600 times. Whereas most of those changes minor, Google sometimes rolls out a “major” algorithmic update such as Mobile-Friendly updates, Google Panda, Google Penguin and RankBrain that affected the rank of websites around the world.

For search marketers, knowing the dates of those Google updates will facilitate justify changes in rankings and organic website traffic and ultimately improve search engine optimization (SEO). Below, we have listed the main algorithmic changes that have had the most important impact on search.

Google algorithm

This algorithm update resource details the algorithm changes that officially confirmed by Google, as well as those that Google last time announced as planned for a future date but Google could not officially confirm the rollout. And Google Also provided are ‘Update Alerts’ that can the result of our daily observation for algorithm updates, or represent strong speculation inside search engine optimization (SEO) business publications and forums. To assist visually distinguish b/w official algorithm updates and business speculation, an Update Alert label displays on top of the date.

2017 – Google Updates

Google Link Quality Update – Fred

On 8th March reports started filtering there in a Google algorithm update might brewing. Ist reported by SERoundtable, the initial speculation was that the developing update was associated with link quality as black hat SEO forums had shown the most chatter.

mobile application developemtn company

As of the 8th our RankRisk Index on desktop could not shown any abnormal rank fluctuations. However, our index observance rank on mobile showed initial signs of an associate update, displaying moderate rank fluctuations. On 9th March the RankRisk Index on desktop showed a significant spike in rank movement as indicated by a risk level of seventy nine. Similarly, our mobile index spiked to a risk level of seventy seven.
As a result, the industry has adopted the name ‘Fred’ for the March 9 update.

Significant Algorithm Update Roll-out

From 7th February through the 10th the RankRisk Index reported heightened levels of rank fluctuations on desktop. This series of increased fluctuations reached a substantial risk level high of ninety seven on 9th February.

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Corresponding to the rank fluctuations on desktop, our mobile index equally showed an increase in mobile rank fluctuations on 8th February that lasted through the 10th. Like desktop, rank fluctuations reached a high on 9th February hitting a risk level of ninety.

Mobile Penalty

As Per its August 2016 announcement of Google has rolled out its intrusive opening penalty on mobile. Discharged on 10th January, the penalty demotes the rank of mobile sites using overlays that cover all, or part of, page content.


Per Google’s initial 23rd August announcement, the following opening formats are considered intrusive:

  • Popups that cover, and as such stop access to, essential page content.
  • Standalone overlays that need a user to dismiss them in so as to look at essential page content
  • Layouts, wherein that the above-the-fold seems as if it is an interstitial, but where the page content per se is underneath the fold.

Final Thoughts

Major algorithm updates can be scary. however if you can doing SEO right like making smart, user-focused content and earning links from credible and niche-specific sites — you would be okay. If you can buying links and spinning content, well, Google is after you.

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Published By – Kuldeep Solanki (SEO Analyst)