Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Multi-level marketing is also called network marketing and referral marketing. It is a controversial, pyramid-shaped marketing strategy that has profit derived from two of its revenue stream:

1). From direct sales to customers

2).  From commission based on the sales of hired team members i.e down line distributors

Network marketing and Multi-Level marketing are referred as synonymous due to conduction of direct sales. In response to direct marketing, MLM provides its services directly to customers or through the downline sales strategy.

Multi-level marketing

What is MLM Application?

An application that interact with multiple users at same time and response according to the information updated from timely basis is called Multi-Level Marketing application. Earning via MLM is an easy method apart from regular income. The basic requirement of MLM application is to have a mobile phone and connectivity to users for expanding the friend circle and growing their network.

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Basic Features for MLM App

  • Referrals – trough code or referral links
  • Dashboard – customer details, date of joining, Team size etc.
  • Payment gateway and E-Wallet – Payment notification
  • Bonus- joining details
  • E-mail – compose, send and read emails
  • Registration- Register new user in the application
  • Reports- required for tracking purpose
  • Profiles- user and other user’s profile view
  • Password Settings-change password (OTP or E-mail)

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Things to consider in creation of MLM App

The Challenge

You must know the task that need to be carried by the application in order to look upon the performance. Having own an application that does not have desired level of use is worth nothing. One must buy an application with the intension of having the need and not the actual working of app. User need to look into what he need and not what is does.

Budget Approximation

The company is aware about the expenditure on the application along with deployment and maintenance. Plan the budget for update and extend support.

Search for Best Plan

At present, there are various MLM plan in market such as Binary Plan, Matrix Plan, Uni-Level plan and Generation Plan. One must keep in mind and choose the best plan with respect to the need of company and budget accommodated. Apart from that, must go through the review of people about the plan considered.

Free demo for evaluation

First of all, user need to have demo version of MLM Software. One must have basic knowledge about the software features that best suites the requirement.

list of features to be present

  • Supports Multiple Languages & Currency.
  • Supports Website Replication.
  • System Backup.
  • Secure Payment Process.
  • Latest Technology build.
  • Integrated within an E-commerce sales cart.
  • E-mail, E-Wallet, SMS Integration.
  • 24*7 Customer Support.
  • Update and Customize Options.

Use of MLM App

Multilevel marketing (MLM) companies had a network of autonomous distributors, which is destined in order to supply their products or services to customers.

A better MLM company will have low startup costs and will also provide you with the mandatory training required for accomplishment of their target. They take care of most of advertising

requirements and apart from that give a good service or product lineup for better sale.

You have the right to assign distributors from your end, and this is how you get commissions from the total sales being made by distributors that are sponsored by you.

Some MLM Business Plan are:

MLM Uni-Level Business Plan

It simply explains the concept of MLM and understand the present market. In Uni-Level MLM plan the sponsor recruit’s new comers in the frontline and up to the unlimited depth. At times rewards are also given to promote and motivate the customer to finite limit i.e. introduce fixed number of customers to avail the

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MLM Binary Business Plan

This plan is further divided into two parts namely power and profit. Here each level has two people underneath to work upon. It is the first choice of any Business personnel where root goes downline into two sub trees.

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MLM Broad Business Plan

Also, known as the revolving matrix plan considered to be the most popular plan where user and sponsors work in groups. There are fixed number of sponsors called board. After boards are filled with its limit then it is divided into two sub boards.

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MLM Matrix Business Plan

One of the most favorite MLM (Multi-level marketing) plan where the front-runner recruit’s new comer under the frontline. There is fixed number of depth. Apart from that front-runner are given commission based upon the amount that had been set. It is also called the forced matrix plan.

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The time had gone when there was craze bout the electronic marketing (eMarketing) among various marketers. They offer many benefits and had changed the concept of traditional markets along with the way companies looked at their business aspect. As technology advanced along with time mobile had grabbed the market through a lot connectivity and taken eMarketing beyond expectation.

Pros of MLM (Multi-level marketing) App

  • Easy to carry mobile devices and receive the message through notification.
  • Content need not to be large as mobile screen is small in caparison to desktop and Laptop.
  • Content writer need to writes only point to point data about the topic.
  • Personalized interaction at large with customer directly.
  • Promotion and marketing services are easy to issued i.e virtual information.
  • Easy tracking of user response.
  • Easy to share information among family and friends i.e. single click.
  • Diversity of audience in remote region can be reached easily due to its portability.
  • Easy to explore and had comfort level for new marketer.
  • Convenient mobile payment due to secure features.

Cons of MLM App

  • App development process is complex due to variety of mobile screens..
  • Maintenance is also complex and needs to be frequently updated.
  • Small screen sometimes create disturbance as adds are more often clicked.
  • Screen are cozy and user find it difficult to navigate.


Business Marketing through MLM (Multi-level marketing) has its pros and cons, just like other industry. Your work is to make sure that, you need to study the audience in detail, get their attention and understand well what it is exactly, that will attract them towards your merchandise. The latest trend is – enjoy being an innovator, safe in knowledge that the resources are well qualified or proved, can be afforded and are the most frequently used technology around.

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